Whether you’re an established company or a brand new startup, your business card can have a huge impact. Your cards are an opportunity—not just to hand out your contact info and spread the name of your company, but to gift your clients with a concrete example of how unique and awesome your brand is!

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With an engaging design, your clients will agree (and come back for business).

Let’s check out some business card ideas from graphic designers who paired functionality with exquisite design. Hopefully you’ll find an example to inform and inspire your next card design!

Computerized and modern business cards

Business card design
Vita Design card by Jecakp for Vita Design Group
dyar.no名刺 card by betiobca
Amauta Marketing名刺by AZ™
Business card design
Business card by An :Designer for Adam Ventura

With all of the increasing options for business card materials, finishes and die-cutting, creating a design to represent a cutting-edge company has never been easier. Take, for example, the circuit board—a popular design element for any service involving computers. Usually, it is seen printed onto a standard card stock, but advancements in card printing can now engrave it into heavy cardstock or even metal!

This and other new printing techniques not only look cool—they demonstrate that you are in stride with the advances in technology, which will appeal to a more modern audiences seeking a trustworthy tech company. Even something minimal and futuristic, like a matte grey finish on a thick plastic card with a bright orange accented edge, can make customers feel like they’ve been handed the keycard to a spaceship (the spaceship being your business, of course).

Bright and playful business cards

Business card design
School Status business card by IRDESIGN for blake 6X
Fashion photography business card examples
Photographer business card by Luz Viera
Business card design
Kreydle business card by sainsoft
Business card design
Business card by nj mustocho
Business card design
Robert “Danger” McNeil card by DeanIra

When every coffee shop cork board around town has a hundred different cards tacked up, how is yours supposed to stand out? One simple and overlooked approach is the use of bright colors with a fun concept.

All it takes is a few playful splashes of color to breathe life into a smiling face. Or a bright purple sky to lure you into the illustrated world a cartoon unicorn! The advantage of this aesthetic lies in its ability to make you smile, so if your business is fun and light-spirited or you just want to brighten up somebody’s day, this business card design style will connect with the fun-loving customers you’re looking for.

Minimal and professional business cards

Business card design
Barstow card design by ultrastjarna
Business card design
Efley card design by kendhie for Andre Ojakäär
Business card design
Spring Hill card design by Prozmajevski
Business card design
Mykee Dy card by Jecakp

Your business card doesn’t necessarily need to be a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in order to stand out. In fact, sometimes a minimal and refined approach can be just as eye-catching (and let your clients know you’re a professional).

If you want to send a sophisticated message, consider how a dark, two-tone card with simple typography printed on a thick matte card stock accomplishes this. It sends a visceral message that is sleek and dependable—just like the that thick card stock!

Simple color palettes are also reminiscent of printing techniques of the past, making them perfect for a vintage aesthetic that nods to an era where hand-craftsmanship was taken seriously. By creating a design with gray or black type and a single pop of color, your can show your customers that you are in touch with those old-fashion values of professionalism and establish a sense of tradition, that your company has been around for a while.

Elegant and gentle business cards

Business card design
Business card design by GenesisR
Business card design
Nishima Consulting by Rose”
Business card design
Extension Society card design by _fra_ for hautemind
Business card design
Origins of Eden card design by MissJulia1137
Business card design
Business card design by Prozmajevski

When it comes to jewelry, wine or other markets that speak to elegance, it can be important to set a mood that’s calm for clients who are peaceful and soft-spoken. Soft earth tones are soothing to the eye and will feel attractive to those who are gentle by nature.

Alternatively, an elegant silhouette of a forest scene at night creates a mood that is quiet and in tune with will nature—just like the customers this type of card might allure. Gentility can be captured in the abstract as well, such as with an engraved emanating ripple, like a stone hitting a pond.

Outside-the-box and conceptual business cards

Business card design
min . via Behance
Business card design
Lukas Vanco via Behance
Business card design
Business card design
Marcin Usarek via Behance

If none of the design styles featured to this point ring a bell, fear not! That may actually be a good thing. It could mean that your business has an energy that is singular and unusual.

Check out some of these trend-breaking ideas which embrace originality with circular shapes, interchangeable card designs, specially-chosen holographic pink paper and light reflecting card edges. These concepts all embrace the quirks of their respective businesses well, so maybe it’s time to think about what makes your business one of a kind!

Discover the power of an awesome business card

With so many styles of card design, it should become clear why picking the right design style is so important for the particular message you want to convey. Think hard about which style will pair well with your business and don’t be afraid to come up with something original that expands on the ideas above. After all, the right design choice might just be what sparks the interest of a new customer!

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