Martial arts logos are as varied as martial arts themselves. There are more than 170 distinct combat systems that fall into the “martial arts” category, and these include karate, boxing, kung fu and krav maga, just to name a few. Martial arts is a huge industry: as of 2019, there are approximately 3.6 million martial arts practitioners around the world

Martial arts logos
Illustration by OrangeCrush

If you’re a practitioner planning on launching your own brand, whether that’s your own training studio or even your own apparel line, now is the time to start designing your brand identity. And at the core of your brand identity is a well-designed logo.

So what do successful martial arts logos look like? We curated a bunch and then broke them down into four hard-punching categories.

High energy martial arts logos

When you look at martial arts logos, one of the first things you’ll notice is just how many of them are in red and black. It’s not just a coincidence, and it’s not just because red and black look cool together. It’s because red and black are both power colors, and what better way to demonstrate your powerful brand than through an unapologetically tough, powerful color scheme?

boxing logo showing punching gloves
Logo design by Vladberla
logo showing a ninja star against a red circle
Logo design by mv..
logo of a fist punching
Logo design by Dexterous”
round logo showing a red rope around a white symbol
Logo design by kosta-xd

Red and black isn’t the only color combination that can show off your warhorse-like energy, though. Check out how these other logos express power and energy through bold colors and shapes that feel like they’re hitting, kicking and jumping. Pay attention to the fonts in these logos, too—you’ll notice they also evoke that tough, powerful feeling through their edges, whether they’re sharp or rough, and their hard-lined slants.

three versions of an MMA logo, one in green, one in gray and one in orange
Logo design by Aedorian
neon yellow and black logo of a woman punching
Logo design by Artmin
person with theknee bent up high like they are ready to kick someone
Logo design by AiPASSION©️
round logo depicting lion heads positioned like butterfly wings in mint green
Logo design by DN 1991

Martial arts logos like these are ideal for just about any type of studio or training-adjacent brand because, at their core, every martial arts brand is about promoting power and energy. However, if that tough fighter image isn’t your primary persona, your brand might be better served by another kind of logo. Logos like these are ideal for brands that promise the most hardcore conditioning experience available, the kinds of places that can turn a couch potato into a black belt.

Abstract martial arts logos

Abstract logos communicate brand values through shape and color choices, rather than concrete imagery. That doesn’t mean any abstract shape will do for your logo—if you want people to know that you’re a martial arts brand, your logo has to communicate that somehow. An abstract representation of a figure in motion or a well-known piece of martial arts equipment is one way to do that:

abstract black, white and red logo depicting a sword
Logo design by paulo.henrique
logo depicting boxing gloves styled like cherries
Logo design by Dalmartian
white logo depicting an abstract mantis against a black background
Logo design by alexandarm
yellow and blue logo of an abstract body in motion
Logo design by JasperMori

Another is to feature one of the most iconic components of martial arts: a colored belt.

red and black logo featuring an abstract karate uniform
Logo design by Wafi Zimamul

Sometimes, logos can get away with being so abstract that they don’t initially appear to represent something tangible. This kind of logo can work when your brand’s name is also part of the logo. Take a look at how these martial arts logos pair abstract imagery with their brand names:

abstract logo with text and a gold circle
Logo design by Cornel Doncea
round logo with an abstract form in the middle and text around the perimeter
Logo design by JPlogo
square black lettermark logo
Logo design by Deezign Depot

Martial arts logos with a character

Character logos are a tried-and-true strategy for just about every industry, and the martial arts world is no different. Using a character in your logo gives your audience “someone” to identify with when they engage with your brand and makes it very easy for you to express your brand’s unique personality. Many martial arts logos feature animal characters:

logo showing a fat, yawning black cat in a karate uniform
Logo design by NoviAlawiah
logo showing a fox in a karate uniform and text
Logo design by Cauliflower
logo showing an orangutan holding an armadillo
Logo design by Maylyn
bold blue logo showing a monkey in wrestling gear
Logo design by Sr. Dante

While others feature humans:

logo showing a cartoon boy punching
Logo design by Damarkurung™
logo showing a ninja in a red hood
Logo design by CHAMBER 5

Kids connect easily with character logos, so if your brand offers children’s classes or focuses exclusively on children, a character logo can be the way to go. Your character can be cute, they can be cool, they can be a champion, they can be a hardworking underdog…whichever brand values you want to communicate, a designer can create a character that embodies them.

Calm, confident martial arts logos

Martial arts isn’t just about breaking boards and roundhouse kicking your opponent. It’s also about developing confidence and self-discipline while cultivating mindfulness. Some brands choose to focus on these aspects of martial arts training over the more physical benefits. For those brands, a logo with cooler colors, softer lines and non-aggressive imagery tend to work the best.

colorful round logo showing a person touching two dragons
Logo design by
logo in light blue and tan showing a yin yang
Logo design by JOURDAN_
black and white round logo with a calm character in the middle
Logo design by Alvianks
a person with their leg reaching over their head in a circle with the yin yang symbol in the background
Logo design by composigner

When you look at these logos, you might get the sense that they look and feel similar to yoga logos. That’s not a coincidence—much like yoga, martial arts training can help you improve your balance and flexibility. Go with a logo like this if your martial arts brand is intentional, but not aggressive.

abstract octopus logo in a colorful gradient
Logo design by Girivana
red and black logo showing a wolf’s head above a mountain
Logo design by Logomulogoku

Be the next martial arts champ with a knockout logo design

Whether you’re all grit or mostly mindfulness with just a little bit of grit, your martial arts brand needs a logo that sums up everything you are and connects with your ideal audience. With an understanding of how different design elements work in martial arts logos, scroll through our platform to find the perfect logo designer to take on your project.

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