While our first PowerPoint webinar covered the familiar structure of a PowerPoint presentation and the basic elements needed to properly build one, we’ll now take a higher level approach to the design process and explore how we can all make more innovative presentations.

A prominent question we heard leading up to our second webinar was “How can I overcome PowerPoint’s limitations?” and – more specifically – “How can I maximize the constraints of a PowerPoint to avoid lifeless designs?”.

In this webinar, Top Level designer nevergohungry will provide solutions to those questions and demonstrate different ways to beat the challenges designers face when outfitting a presentation. He’ll also touch on how to find inspiration for your designs from unlikely sources.

This webinar is meant to inspire you to become more ambitious with your PowerPoint designs; to think outside the box and to transform basic concepts into unique deliveries.

1. Selecting and dissecting brief

Pretend that you are nevergohungry’s design partner and you’re both studying a brief found on 99designs together. The way you work through it can be important.

Consider this brief:

PP webinar screenshot

Noteworthy points include:

  • Client wants a presentation that will stand out.
  • Client works in the finance but does not want a boring design and prefers something that is atypical to industry standard.
  • Client absolutely does not want a generic design!

Then ensure to have gone through everything the client has included – this means viewing all attached files for the best understanding of what the client is looking for.

Also worth noting is that:

  • the client admits he does not have a ton of content to provide but can attach a logo, some photos of himself, and general information I can include in the deck.
  • the client thinks logo is too outdated and that he’s flexible about it being used in the presentation or not.

2. The design process

Pro tip: always reach out to the client at the beginning of a design process. Find out why at 4:41 in the webinar at the bottom of this section.

Here’s a quick breakdown of nevergohungry’s typical process when designing PowerPoint slides:

  1. Decide on the number of slides
    While this may change as you go along, it’s important to have a good idea about how many slides the presentation will need.
  2. Decide on a color palette
    Try to select around three colors to work with. In nevergohungry’s webinar, he works with red, black and white.
  3. Decide on the fonts
    It’s important to decide which fonts to use before doing any design. This way, you’ll be aware of exactly how much space the content you’re designing will need. In nevergohungry’s webinar, he uses “Gotham” and “Archer”

It’s also important to keep in mind that no two designers work alike. Different designers create their own individual workflows to maintain efficiency. Find what works best for you and stick with it.

3. Use the information gathered to build a truly original PowerPoint design

Now that all the crucial information is gathered, watch nevergohungry’s exclusive live demo on creating an original PowerPoint presentation:

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