Igor Lale is a 21 year old, 2nd year student at Slobomir P Univesity, Academy of Arts. Igor is enthusiastic, driven and highly motivated. His professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed him pay his college tuition through 99designs and even earned him a spot on local television.

It has been a real pleasure working with Igor on the 99designs Student Delegate program and watching his skills grow as a designer.

Name: Igor Lale
Location: Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
99designs handle: igorlale
Contests won: 10

How did you get started in design?

I started doing design related tasks a few years ago. At first, I worked with photos in various software, which I found very interesting and eventually realized I had a knack for design. I started doing it seriously and decided to apply for college.

Describe your design style.

I like vector graphics that are clean, simple and remarkable. Designs which are pleasing to the eye and easily recognizable. Logo design is one of my favorite areas of graphic design.

What led you to start using 99designs?

I was looking for a great and fast way to earn money online and found 99designs. I found out, first hand, that it really is the best.

Describe your experience on 99designs. How has it helped you as a student and designer?

In less than year, I have gained a lot of experience, organization in my work and learned how to deal with clients. It has also helped me in college because I have been able to perform my tasks and assignments in much higher quality.

You were featured on a local TV station because of your work on 99designs. How did the opportunity come about? How was the experience? Has it helped you get more work locally?

Some people heard I was winning in competitions online, so I was invited to take part in a show about my life as a graphic designer, about my successes on 99designs and graphic design in general.

It has been very useful because more people were able to hear about me which raised my reputation and has helped me find more work.

What part of the design process is the most important? What part is your favorite?

The most important thing is coming up with a good and original idea. Once you have a good idea, it is easy to create it with working knowledge of a design software.

I like drawing and conceptualizing my idea the most.

When you aren’t at school or working on 99designs, what do you like to do? Are there other forms or mediums of art you like to work in?

In my free time, which I don’t have enough of, I play sports so I can stay in shape or I spend time with my family and friends.

I am also interested in computer animation, video montaging and photography. I have started doing a little bit of video editing and animation, and I plan to start doing some photography because I find it very interesting.

What advice would you give other students who are getting started on 99designs?

Be very persistent and work hard. Your victory depends on you alone, and the quality of your work.

Why did you want to become a 99designs Student Delegate?

I wanted to become a student delegate so I can share my experience with other colleagues and students on 99designs. I want to encourage them to participate in other competitions in order to achieve success.

It feels great to be a part of a community that I can actually contribute to. 99designs has given me the opportunity to communicate and meet people who are in the same profession as myself.

What are you going to do when you finish design school?

After I graduate from college, I want to continue working in graphic design. I would eventually like to open a graphic design studio in my home town.

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