A man with one of those faces
Design a book cover for a dark young-adult fiction novel.
Frontal Matter
The Gods Who Want to Die
The intergalactic writers guild
Book Cover: The blue sky diamond
Book Cover: UTOPIA
Book Cover: Field
Mountain marathon man
Tales for my dog
Stories from Ukraine
Book cover design


Need a distinct design style? Save your time and lets work together through a 1-to-1 project!


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"As always, fantastic work. Truly great!"
Profile pictureRunningWildPress reviewed 7 days ago
"As always. Excellent work."
Profile pictureRunningWildPress reviewed about 1 month ago
"He just GOT it. The design, among the sea of others, stood out to me right away and captured the feeling so elegantly. Seems like someone who is very in-tuned with his craft. And as a fellow artist, I can see that he really has the eye for it. Highly re..."
Profile pictureLife Remade Leah reviewed about 2 months ago
"As always, brilliant work. Thank you"
Profile pictureRunningWildPress reviewed 2 months ago
"Always a joy to work with!"
Profile picturejarogers1234 reviewed 2 months ago